Maryland Home Buyer Refund Program

Maryland Home Buyer Refund Program

Are you currently looking to buy a home in the state of Maryland? Todd Heise of Baltimore-based Heise & Co., an associate broker of Douglas Realty, offers Maryland home buyers a real estate commission refund of 10% on our firm’s commission earned through the transaction. In fact, we are one of the very few residential real estate agents in Maryland publicly advertising refunds for home buyers.

What is a Home Buyer Refund?

A home buyer refund is similar to refunds you might see with other types of purchases of goods or services. Typically, this involves an incentive, or additional reason, for a buyer to take make a purchase. A common example is when a buyer of a vehicle receives a cash credit against the purchase price at the time of sale. While the purchase of a home is more complex the refund principle remains the same. 

Home buyer refunds are offered in many states across the country as an incentive for the home buyer to use a broker’s services. These incentives range from including cash-back, complimentary home inspections, discounts on closing costs, or perhaps gift cards for home remodeling services through a local contractor.

Best Home Buyer Refund in Maryland

Our aptly named home buyer refund program, Cooperative Commission Program, is the best home buyer refund offer in Baltimore County. For a qualified home, we offer Maryland home buyers a 10% cash-back refund on the net commission we receive after closing. To ensure that we maintain the highest level of service for our clients, and to avoid overextending ourselves, we do limit qualified homes to those where the offer is $300,000.00 or greater. 

Here is an example of how our Maryland home buyer refund works:

Sales Price: $450,000
Heise & Co. Commission Percentage: 2.5%
Buyer Refund Percentage: 10%
Total Commission: $11,250


Interested to see how much you could save on your Maryland home purchase? Click here to use the Department of Justice’s homebuyer rebate calculator.

How Refunds Benefit Maryland Home Buyers

In short, our program can make buying a home in Maryland less expensive by putting money back in your pocket. There are all sorts of expenses involved with a home purchase such as inspections, lender fees, title company fees and the list goes on. A refund of a portion of the commission allows you as a home buyer to recoup some of those charges and lower your home purchase expenses. 

Get a Home Buyer Refund in Maryland and Save

If you’re going to buy a house in Maryland, why not get money back in your pocket and expedite plans for a home project or upgrade that can add even more value to your investment? You wouldn’t overpay for other items you purchase on a regular basis because that would add up over time. Even though a home is not something that you purchase often, we at Heise & Co. don’t want you to overpay for your home. Because a home purchase will likely be the largest purchase of your lifetime it is one that can provide a greater opportunity for savings.

Are you looking to buy a home in Maryland?

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