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  • 02/18/2021 - Heise & Co. 0 Comments
    Case Study: How Maryland Homebuyers Can Save in a Sellers Market

    A combination of historically low interest rates and low supply have created a favorable housing market for sellers in the Greater Baltimore, MD area. Low interest rates are effectively providing Baltimore homebuyers with the ability to purchase much more house for their money.

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  • Commercial Property Investment Opportunity in Superhot Highlandtown
    11/05/2020 - Heise & Co. 0 Comments
    Commercial Property Investment Opportunity in Superhot Highlandtown

    If you invest in residential or small commercial properties and are ready to take your game to the next level, this is a great opportunity for you.


    This commercial property is reasonably priced at $1,200,000 and is currently leased by Dollar General, a verifiable performer, for the next five years. Triple net lease shifts the real estate taxes, insurance and maintenance to the tenant. The roof was replaced in 2017 so this is virtually a hassle free investment. The property has been in the same family for over ninety years and has been a great investment for them. Do not miss this rare opportunity to add an amazing property to your portfolio. 

    The property is located at 3828 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21224 in southeast Baltimore at the center of the Highlandtown, Canton and Brewers Hill neighborhoods. These communities are seeing significant residential and commercial development so there is a potential upside for the buy and hold investor. I could talk about this area and all the benefits that it has to offer all day long, but a quick visit to the neighborhood will tell the tale.

    Check out the property details here: or call Todd at 410-276-1983 for a private tour.     

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  • Pikesville Short Sale – Sold! $63,000 saved!
    08/14/2020 - Heise & Co. 0 Comments
    Pikesville Short Sale – Sold! $63,000 saved!

    We recently facilitated a short sale for a single family home located in Pikesville, MD and could not have been happier with the outcome. The seller engaged Heise & Co., our Baltimore-based real estate brokerage, to handle the sale of the property, and the law offices of Heise & Heise, LLP to handle the short sale component of the transaction. 

    By having our teams handle both elements of the transaction, all parties benfitted from more streamlined communications between us, our client, bank, title company and buyer’s agent. Normally, in this type of transaction involves six to eights parties throughout the sale effort and short sale processing which often lead to long delays.

    Utilizing our tandem Heise teams expedited the processing by dedicating only two individuals to handle the entire sale and short sale processing which is important for clear focused communication.

    What does this all mean? It means that the seller went from listing the property to the day of settlement in just 94 days, saved herself over $63,000 in debt and had no out of pocket expenses.  

    If you find yourself in a situation where you need to short sell your property in the Baltimore area there is no better combination to get this done than Heise & Co. and Heise & Heise, LLP.  Get in touch with us today by calling (410) 276-1983.​

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  • Maryland Home Buyer Refund Program
    06/05/2020 - Heise & Co. 0 Comments
    Maryland Home Buyer Refund Program

    Are you currently looking to buy a home in the state of Maryland? Todd Heise of Baltimore-based Heise & Co., an associate broker of Douglas Realty, offers Maryland home buyers a real estate commission refund of 10% on our firm’s commission earned through the transaction. In fact, we are one of the very few residential real estate agents in Maryland publicly advertising refunds for home buyers.

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  • Biggest Mistake Made By Commercial Property Buyers or Lessees in Maryland
    02/25/2020 - Heise & Co. 0 Comments
    Biggest Mistake Made By Commercial Property Buyers or Lessees in Maryland

    At my Baltimore-based real estate law firm, Heise & Heise, LLP, people purchasing or leasing commercial property often ask me to prepare a contract or review a lease after they have negotiated the terms of these documents with a seller or landlord’s agent. Not engaging a Baltimore real estate professional before negotiating a purchase or lease is item number one on the list of the worst things people can do in this type of transaction. 

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  • Selling a Baltimore Waterfront Property (21220) in December
    01/14/2020 - Heise & Co. 0 Comments
    Selling a Baltimore Waterfront Property (21220) in December

    Seller Saves over $6,000 in Transaction Fees

    Who says you can’t sell a house in Baltimore in November and December? As the listing agent, we put this great Baltimore County waterfront property, located on Wilson Point Road, under contract in 9 days and settled for $560,000 just before Christmas. 

    As seasoned experts in the Baltimore residential real estate market, Heise & Co. offered a market analysis as well as marketing advice to the seller prior to listing. This allowed the seller to see what comparable properties were selling for, price his property realistically and enjoy a quick sale. Among the tools used to help induce the sale of the property was the addition of professional marketing photos to get eyes on the listing. 

    What could make this real estate transaction any better? Heise & Co.’s competitive commission program saved the seller $5,600.00 in real estate commission and we paid the broker flat fee saving the seller another $450.00. Total savings enjoyed by the home seller on this waterfront property in Baltimore County was $6,050.00.

    Interested in what we can do to help you sell or buy a house in the Greater Baltimore Area? Contact our Baltimore residential real estate office today to find out at 410-255-3690.

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  • Dundalk Commercial Property Acquisition
    12/10/2019 - Heise & Co. 0 Comments
    Dundalk Commercial Property Acquisition

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  • How a Commercial Property Short Sale Works in Maryland
    11/27/2019 - Heise & Co. 0 Comments
    How a Commercial Property Short Sale Works in Maryland

    Oftentimes real estate investors experiencing struggles with investment properties do not consider a short sale as an option and believe that their only way out is foreclosure. Fortunately, this is not the case for Maryland commercial real estate properties.

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  • Announcing Some Changes for the Future
    11/14/2019 - Heise & Co. 0 Comments
    Announcing Some Changes for the Future

    ​​For over fifteen years I practiced law as a founder and partner at the Baltimore, Maryland-based law firm Heise & Heise, LLP. The work I perform for my clients has been, and continues to be, very rewarding. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to help my clients with their legal needs and assist them in achieving their real estate and business objectives.

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  • Site Launch
    10/02/2017 - Heise & Co. 0 Comments
    Site Launch

    Our new website is finally up. We’ve worked hard to get a beautiful new site ready and we’re proud to show it off. Thanks for reading our blog. We have lots of great blog posts in the works. Please check back or contact us now to find out how we can help you.

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